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Pet Vaccinations in Bedford

Our veterinarians in Bedford have expertise in helping to protect dogs and cats from a wide range of serious diseases and disorders with routine pet vaccinations and parasite prevention. 

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Cat & Dog Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention in Bedford

Keeping common diseases and disorders from developing in the first place is key to your pet's great long-term health. That's why our team at Fine Animal Hospital focuses on preventive care. 

We combine pet vaccinations and parasite prevention with regular routine exams to build a solid foundation for your pet's routine healthcare. 

Preventive care offers your pet the best chance at a long, healthy, active life. Our team can work with you to develop a custom preventive care plan for your cat or dog, geared to their unique needs. 

Dog Vaccinations in Bedford

Cat Vaccinations in Bedford

Puppy & Kitten Shots

Current pet vaccinations are vital to protecting cats and dogs from contagious diseases that can often turn serious. Your adult pets will require ongoing vaccinations throughout life to keep them safe and healthy.

Kittens and puppies need shots in their first year of life to protect them from serious diseases and conditions. The first-year vaccination schedule is typically as follows:

  • 6 to 8 Weeks
  • 10 to 12 Weeks
  • 14 to 16 Weeks
  • 5 to 6 Months 

Parasite Prevention at Fine Animal Hospital

Untreated parasites can threaten your cat's or dog's life. We offer parasite prevention products to help protect your dog or cat from these common parasites: 


Fleas are tiny external parasites that live on animals, lay eggs and feed on blood of mammals.


Ticks are external parasites that insert their mouthparts into dogs' skin to consume blood.

Ear Mites

Ear mites are tiny and highly contagious. They live in mammals' ear canals. 


This thread-like parasitic worm spreads through mosquito bites and causes disease.


Shaped like a hook, this parasitic worm uses its teeth to the wall of the small intestine and feed on blood.


The roundworm commonly infects puppies, lives in the intestine and feeds on partially digested food. 


These flat, segmented worms attach to the walls of your dog's gut using hook-like suckers. 


This worm has a whip-like appearance and can cause severe irritation to the lining of organs. 

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