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          **Just a note to say how much EACH and EVERY one of you are appreciated for everything you do for all of our animals. The kindness, care, and expertise and patience you ALL show are not overlooked-from those who answer the phones at the front desk, to those who help me carry the animals in from the parking lot, to the great vet techs, to Maritza's skill,  knowledge and friendliness to the BEST two vets around, Dr. Fox and Dr. H., THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR BEING THE WONDERFUL TEAM THAT YOU ALL ARE!!  We are lucky to have you caring for our beloved pets!!  


          **We sent to see Dr. Fox for a second opinion on our dog's ACL surgery.  He was highly recommended by two colleagues.  We understand why he and the practice gets such glowing remarks.  Dr. Fox thoroughly explained the differences in the types of surgery available, pros/cons, expected recovery and long term expectations, medications and supplements.  We choose Dr. Fox and were very happy!  Our dog did very well.  Out post op appointments were with Dr. Hanovich and we were further impressed.  Approximately six weeks after the first ACL surgery, our dog tore her other ACL.  She is a Pitt mix and the second most common dog to have the problem.  We were previously educated on this by Dr. Fox.  If this should happen to your dog, there is a 50% chance of this occurring to the other leg. We had such a great experience with the practice and Dr. Hanovich that we choose him to do the next surgery.  The practice is friendly, spends a lot of time with the pet and parents.  If there was any questions, I always called and had my answers given.  If need be the Doctor called back.    Very pleased with the office staff, assistants, techs and the Doctors.  - Patrica C.


          **Growing up, we used to take our childhood pets to Fine Animal Hospital - when Dr Fine was still there. Dr Fox was a young, whip-smart veterinarian, and we were pleased to stay on as he took over the practice. I remember his compassion when our dog became ill while we were out of town and how he teared up with us when she did not make it. A truly empathetic and caring man. Although my parents had long since moved, when I moved back to the area nearly 15 years later, I was thrilled to see that the practice was still open. There is no where else I'd want to take my cat. Because of our busy schedules, we see whichever vet or tech is available for our timeframe. Because of that, we have rotated through probably the entire staff over the past 9 years. Every person emulates the same care, compassion, thoroughness, and integrity that Dr. Fox continues to bring to the group. There is not one I would not recommend. All are great! Plus, I appreciate how the practice has become more technology enabled over the years. I can now book and change appointments online, which furthers the convenience. I highly recommend Fine Animal Hospital to all dog and cat owners.   -Ellen S. 


            **I've been bringing my dogs to Dr. Fox for 17 years.  I started using him when I moved to Katonah, stayed with him when we made the move to Greenwich, CT and now we happily make the trip from Ridgefield, CT to Fine Animal Hospital.  There are plenty of good vets out there, but Dr. Fox goes the extra mile.  He's stayed late on a Friday when my corgi had a herniated disk and I had to drive up from Greenwich.  He accommodated my crazy schedule two weeks before I was taking the NY bar exam (just a bit stressed out!) and my corgi needed follow up work after a surgery.  When my pit-mix needed knee surgery, he walked me through the whole process and warned I'd probably be back within two years for the other knee, which to me seemed perfectly fine.  It only took 8 months for her to blow out the other one and require surgery #2!  She's had two knee surgeries, had to be put back together after being hit by a car and that 12 y/o pittie still loves going to see Dr. Fox.  Best. Vet. Ever.   –Kelly M.

            **Dr Fox is wonderful. I've been going to Fine Animal Hospital for years. They are very caring and thorough and don't pressure you for unnecessary tests etc., just what is necessary to keep your pet healthy. Dr Fox is very kind and gentle with my pets and spends time explaining everything to you. The techs are really sweet too, and it's very clean. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and I always leave knowing I've done my best bringing them here and getting them the best care. I would never go anywhere else.   –Noelle F.

            **Romeo (my 10 year old Maltese) and I are sad to leave Fine Animal Hospital after 10 years of exceptional vet care.  Over these 10 years Dr. Fox and his staff have been extremely helpful and honest with each and every advise they gave me on Romeo's health. Romeo suffers from seasonal allergies and occasional seizures, both conditions were always monitored by Dr. Fox and Romeo was never just medicated. This is something that I loved about the care that was provided for my dog. Dr. Fox is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. I will keep recommending all my friends in Westchester to take their pets here. Sending our love from Virginia!   -Christina O.

            **Excellent care and a warm and caring staff! Dr. Fox arranged for me and my children to come in and spend time each day with our cat who was in critical condition. We weren't sure if he would make it, but with the great care he received he made a miraculous recovery! It has been a scary process learning all about giving our cat insulin twice a day and monitoring his sugar levels. Dr. Fox has been extremely patient in explaining how to take care of a diabetic cat. We are so grateful to everyone at the Fine Animal Hospital!   -Marjorie W.

            **I highly recommend Dr Fox and his staff to care for your pets health. I have been taking my dogs and cats to Dr Fox for over 14 years and feel very confident that I am getting the best care possible for my "furry kids!"   -Debby H.